Wang Feng Wins the 19th World Memory Championship

Here are some highlights from the World Memory Championship in Guangzhou, China:


  • Gold: Wang Feng
  • Silver: Johannes Mallow
  • Bronze: Ben Pridmore

Team competition:

  • Gold: Germany
  • Silver: China
  • Bronze: UK

Some of the world records that were broken, as listed on the WMC website:

  • Ben Pridmore memorized 28 decks of cards in one hour
  • Wang Feng memorized 480 numbers in the speed number event
  • Johannes Mallow memorized 365 abstract images. Wang Feng memorized 360. The previous record was 350, set by Gunther Karsten in November.
  • World’s largest mind map: 600 m²

There was also incredible media coverage in China on prime time television:

Chinese media have over-performed in focussing their attention onto the Championships. [Millions] watched on Friday, as news of the progress of the World Memory Championship crowded out all rival attractions, to become an extended lead item on Central China Television, in live bulletin after live bulletin, on Friday afternoon and evening.

I wish memory events were shown on prime time TV in the US…