So this is a long time coming

So recently,

I got accepted into the University of Tokyo's Masters Program.
Apparently, what I did here caught their attention.
I took that super difficult test and they were impressed about how far I came.
I can't explain how happy I am.

But with all things in life, they can't end there.
I have double the time I had at that time.
I now want to learn all of the words that I didn't know, up to the ten thousand required for the same test.
With this goal in mind, I will proceed in the same manner I mentioned before.

How to Use Memory Palaces in Medical School | Anatomy: The Facial Nerve

In this 20-minute video, I walk through how I memorized the entire facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) using a memory palace. The facial nerve is a key player in neuroanatomy and pops up repeatedly during gross anatomy in medical school. I explain how I capture the nuclei, branches, and key practical points in an efficient way.

This video covers: palace selection, loci selection, image creation, deciding what to encode, Anki card creation, writing mnemonics, reviewing mnemonics.

The IGMP method for text memorization

The IGMP method stands for Information Generated Memory Palace. I use it mainly for memorizing text and particularly Bible verses. It's main benefit is that you create a memory palace on the fly from the information you need to memorize, without having to imagine a lot apart from how to convert words into images.

OK, enough of me talking :) Here is the method:

100 System

I finished my number sister back in December but it took me several weeks to memorize, primarily since I was busy with school. I finished first week of Winter Break and finally began putting it into practice this week. Using the number training on Memory League, I hit level 5, although my average is somewhere more along 20 #/min. Improvised a couple memory palaces in order to memorize better in order to achieve this.


I became interested in memory last year Fall but there was so much information, I was getting confused about how to start. During Thanksgiving Break, I took the time to explore and began on my own Major System Associations ^-^.

What I Have Learned So Far: Frads

This is just a blog post where I will log my journey on the Art of Memory by recording my memory accomplishments, techniques I have developed, and anything else I feel relevant enough to post here. I am doing this, so I do not clog up the General Memory Chat category with each memorization feat I have done, but the bigger ones I will put on the actual forum, so some discussion can develop around them.

So far I have memorized:

My First Memory Challenge: Getting Started

I posted my introduction maybe half a year ago, when I first got exposed to memory training through the book "Moonwalking with Einstein" and I wanted to learn more. Shortly after, my dayjob got very intense and I couldn't find time for anything outside work except for going to the gym occasionally.

Now finally, I have some more time to experiment with memory training. I’ll keep track of my progress on this blog.


- Re-learning card system (built system in ArtOfMemory software)
- Re-learning first original MP
- One pass in Memory League training: A[9 * (5c / 10s)] + B[1 * (8c / 18s)]
- Result: A[not always making mnemonic links; too fast; relying on natural memory]
- Result: B[1 card recog error: was 3♥, saw 6♥]

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