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53 Year old lady, Divorced with two adult children. Full time employed as a registered nurse. I am finding my memory is not nearly as sharp as it used to be. In my daily life and especially my job I have many things to remember and new things to learn. I am finding it harder to remember items, names and things I need to know, and retain in order to do my job effectively. I constantly go rushing off with a task in mind and multiple other things on my to-do's list, get half way to my destination and have completely forgotten what I intended to do.
During adolescence and my early twenties I had many tests because I kept having night terrors and fainting episodes. Although less frequently - especially fainting, I still suffer with some aspects of this condition - The diagnosis was a form of migraine and a brain that has difficulty resting. I have a very vivid imagination, but a very intrusive brain that I don't seem to have control over, where weird images and mini scenes that bear no relation to anything pop into my head. so I would imagine the former is good for memory training but the latter bad. It will be interesting to find out.




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