IRC Chat

The IRC channel is open 24-hours per day. You can chat below, or login with an IRC program like Pidgin (Windows and Linux), xchat (Linux), or Colloquy (Mac).

Click here for the schedule of planned events. I recommend staying logged-in to your IRC program in the background whenever you are online--that way you can join any conversations when they start without having to visit this webpage.

Here are the setting for your IRC program:
Channel: #mnemotechnics

27 March, 2012 - 11:32
Joined: 5 years 4 months ago

Nice idea. I'm on now. How active is it? Are there particular times of day when there people are joining the channel?

27 March, 2012 - 14:10
Joined: 2 years 5 days ago

I've been offline lately, but you can stay in the chat room in the background if you use an IRC client:

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