UK Memory Championships in 2017!

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#1 26 December, 2016 - 11:20
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UK Memory Championships in 2017!

Well, in 2016 I ended up organising a whole lot of competitions squeezed into a short space of time, but I hope in 2017 we'll have things spaced out in a more leisurely way.

I've added one to the competition calendar - an International Standard event as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad on August 20-21, which I hope a whole lot of people can come to! I've been a devoted participant of the MSO since it started in 1997, and I'm glad to be bringing a full-sized memory competition back to it, twenty years later!

I'm intending to run a Friendly Memory Championship on one of the bank holiday weekends in April/May 2017, and if anybody has a particular preference for dates, please let me know. There might also be another numbers/cards championship as a separate one-day event on the same weekend.

I'm very hopeful that there'll be another UK Memory League Championship, maybe in November again - we need a new host-and-surprise-task-creator as well, since I want to compete this time!

Things not organised by me will hopefully include the return of the Welsh Memory Championship - Dai has said he wants to bring that good old tradition back!

I don't yet know what the WMSC will be doing, but the list above gives us plenty to choose from already. Come and take part! :-)

11 January, 2017 - 15:46
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Sounds exciting, I hope to attend a few of these ...

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