Quizlet and Spaced Repetition

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#1 28 February, 2014 - 15:00
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Quizlet and Spaced Repetition

Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I recently started using Quizlet and Memrise for learning German. They are great tools but I'm having trouble coming up with a good workflow.

Quizlet is almost perfect. Flashcard creation is easy and games are fun. However, they don't use spaced repetition. Memrise has that covered by using a gardening metaphor for how the brain learns, but I find this tool limited in other aspects.

I contacted Quizlet Support and it appears they are not working on spaced repetition right now.

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

1 November, 2015 - 16:42
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Hey! I was also using Memrise a lot. As you pointed out, however, Memrise is very limited when it comes to creating the study items. I was missing the possibility to use several lines and fonts and etc. Also, I missed the opportunity to create flashcards without being forced to use multiple choice. Therefore, I have now changed to Anki, which can be heavily customized and also uses spaced repetition.
Maybe this helps you, although quite frankly as you asked the question almost 2 years ago you might have found a way yourself :D

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