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Neuroscience, Psychology, and Health

This section is for discussing anything related to neuroscience, psychology, brain maintenance, and health, including food, nutrition, exercise, and other methods.

923 Medical Marijuana?
by Mayarra
20 Jun 2017 - 16:54

Notetaking, Mind Mapping, and Speed Writing

This section of the forum is for discussing techniques for taking notes, including mind mapping, speed writing, and other methods to increase the speed that one can record thoughts and ideas.

86 which way is...
by ptken
17 Jun 2017 - 09:43

Productivity and Motivation

This section of the forum is for discussing anything related to motivation and productivity in general.

82 Can't concentrate
by Venant
27 May 2017 - 05:23

Mental Puzzles, Games, and Magic Tricks

This section is for fun mental puzzles, games, brain teasers, and magic tricks.

122 learning joseki -...
by myelife
16 Jun 2017 - 00:54

Mathematics and Mental Calculation

Discuss all aspects of mathematics, including mental speed calculation techniques.

1093 Flash Anzan - How...
by Adrián García
6 hours 51 min ago

Speed Reading

Discuss speed reading techniques.

226 Photographic memory
by Josh Cohen
21 Jun 2017 - 21:41

Technology and Computers

The section of the forum is for discussing technology, including computer use, computer science, and programming.

191 Emacs' Org Mode...
by SiriB
22 Jun 2017 - 15:13

Off-topic Chat

Chat about anything here, even if it isn't related to memory.

455 Your favourite...
by Fuchsia Pseudonym
1 day 2 hours ago
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