Memory for educatian and fun.

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#1 8 January, 2017 - 09:49
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Memory for educatian and fun.


I am looking for a little help on which way i should go in this memory game. :)

I need it mostly for studying, but also for cool stuff i read on the side.
my plan is to study engineering in about 1½ but in the mean time i have to study, 2 languages, physics, Chemistry, and math.
I have read the book Moonwalk with einstein, and tried a little of the mind palace. but i find et a little hard to getting started right.

So some of my questions are.

What techniques should i learn?
- what i am thinking is that i has to be something that i can get used to work with easy, but i am open for ideas.

how is the best ways to train, like how much time, any thing that can help me become better, faster? :)

9 January, 2017 - 18:18
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I actually study chemical engineering so I know what kind of stuff you need to know! Math all the time haha

I made videos that help new people understand memory techniques and how to get use to them. You can check them out here:

I thought videos would be easier than explaining everything!


10 January, 2017 - 11:20
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Thank you Parkouristx!
i have already seen some of your youtube videos, and i am following your channel! :)

I have started to try to use the story technique that you use for vocabulary.
with that technique i feel like i can see what learn, so it will be easier for me to train using it. :)
i really like, your YouTube channel, and your homepage!

10 January, 2017 - 16:02
Joined: 5 years 2 months ago

You're welcome!

That is awesome!! I am glad you find it useful! Is there certain information you need help on? I would love to help you out in any way I can!

12 January, 2017 - 07:13
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it would be nice with some techniques you find useful in your studies. i hope to take an electrical engineering, but first i need to take a one year course so i can get my higher grade classes, like math and physics.

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