I'm doing good?

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I'm doing good?

Hello guys, I would like memorize 10 or more decimal digits in 1 second I know this is something hard to and it's needs daily practice but today I want to tell you how I'm practicing and how much I'm improving, I really appreciated if you tell me your point of view because I don't have references points so i don't know if I'm doing in the right way, if you can tell me if I'm doing a mistake and how good is my progress based in the time I've practiced it would be very helpful.

Ok here is my data:

1. I've 30 days of practice (In most cases all these days are consecutive but somethings my job does not let me train so maybe 1 or 2 days I haven't trained.)

2. All these days I've trained with the speed memory simulator software, what I do is set 180 in 25 seconds 8 rounds per day, I'm trying to read all the word that the 180 digits represents in the major system, this is my first goal so then when I accomplished that I can move to the next level and that is see the images of that 180 in my head in the same 25 seconds and when I accomplish that the next step it would be made all the associations with the chain method(sometimes called the link system).

3. In my first day of practice my average was 38 digits and my best round was 47 digits, now 30 days before my average is 105 and my best round is 125 but I'm feeling my progress is slow in these days.

Do you have any advice or routine for me? I asked that because I don't have a reference point and don't know the experience of other people so I don't know if my progress is good or bad and maybe I can make it better with your advice.

This is the chart of my progress since the day I started.


Thanks before hand my friends.

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