How do I memorize times tables upto 50 for instant recall without having to work them out?

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#1 19 June, 2016 - 07:01
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How do I memorize times tables upto 50 for instant recall without having to work them out?

I want to be able to recall times tables upto 50 (or multiplication facts upto 50x50) instantly in my head without having the need to work them out mentally or on paper because doing that distracts me from the problem at hand and also takes time which I am short of as I am preparing for competitive exams after my graduation.
For example: I know 8x4=32, I don’t have to work it out in my head. In the same way I want to be able to recall 27x13, 43x29 etc.
Any ideas?

20 June, 2016 - 04:50
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2 ideas....

1. How do you eat a elephant?

Start with extending your multiplication tables to 20.

2 Multiplication is often as easy as memorization.

If you sit down and make a table 100x100 you will discover very quickly that the number of facts that you feel require memorization is much smaller than you originally thought.

Side thoughts... 8x4 was not learned as a mnemonic. You did not encode a picture, or an acronym. The time spent to encode or decode mnemonic multiplication would like be as long as the time/effort required to simply do the multiplication. A mnemonic could be a good intermediate step toward rote memorization.

Familiarity with numbers improves ability. If you spend time with them every day they become less abstract.

Learning your multiplication tables is hard work. The same can be said for math in general but if you do it every day then it will be just as hard but you will be able to do more. A 200 pound weight doesn't get lighter as you get stronger.

... and the answer you were looking for major system 0-99 images 10,000 step journey. :)

25 July, 2016 - 04:17
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How do I use major system 0-99 umages, 10,000 step journey? Can you give me examples for 2-3 multiplication facts?
Can we use Dominic or PAO system for times tables? If you think yes please give me an examples how you would do it using these. I am new to the techniques and I want to learn times tables quickly.

25 July, 2016 - 23:31
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It would be too much time consuming to encode and memorise and also to retrieve and practice revision. I thought about this a long time ago and after trying to do it I failed badly. It's too time consuming to retrieve and encode. Trust me. But, you can of course try it.

27 July, 2016 - 20:50
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Perhaps you could use a modified PAO system.
For example: 27 x 13 = 10 x 20 + 3 * 30 + 10 * 7 + 3 * 7
If you had 45 images for the 45 ways to choose 2 numbers from 0 to 9 to multiply together. Then you could encode this problem as a sequence of 4 images. Then if you could devise some way to visually combine two adjacent images into a third, representing addition, then you could collapse those 4 images into the answer of the problem. Such a system that made mnemonic or visual sense would truly be a work of art, though.

This also wouldn't really be memorization as much as a different way of carrying out the problem. :/

11 September, 2016 - 22:19
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But isn't better to learn how to actually fast counting? Check the youtube channel called tecmath

14 September, 2016 - 19:04
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Check out Arthur Benjamin & all his talks & presentations & his books if you learn it you won't have any problems with math ever again

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