Hello from Denmark!

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#1 27 December, 2016 - 05:24
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Hello from Denmark!


I am from Denmark and my name is Mads.
I got my interest for memory technique from the book Moonwalk with Einstein. :)

In the future i want to study electrical engineering so i hope that memory technique can help me out, for my over all school game.

Right now iam studying all low grade classes which i need to go higher, so about in a year and half i am finished with all that and can start engineering school.

But what would be the best for me to learn from memory techq?
i am not going to go to competition or anything so what i am thinking is that it is better to have a more simple system which are more on my backbone and fast to use?
but i am open for any ideas. :)

best regards Mads.

27 December, 2016 - 12:08
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Welcome to the site! :)

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