A palace for Finance

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#1 25 January, 2016 - 19:55
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A palace for Finance

Hi Guys,

This is my second day with the memory palace. I intend to keep doing this for a while.

I am struggling with how to memorize a concept within a concept.

Hence, the best way to describe this is that in the simplest sense in terms of the layers:

For instance:

Within finance, there is the strategy of long-short investing strategy, but within the concept it needs to remember:
1) how it's constructed, 2) a list of reasons for the strategy, 3) a list of how its constructed, 4) a list of advantage and disadvantage.

should I then refer to the concept with a specific item in the room? Which there will be a lot or can I create a "portfolio" in the memory where a fraction of the items are included in it.

15 February, 2016 - 20:47
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Could you post an example of the information to be memorized?

If your concept has many sub-concepts, you could make each top-level concept a room or memory journey, and then each sub-concept would be stored in a location in that journey.

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