No news for week three, short recap of week four

No blog post for the last week of 2016, which doesn't mean that I didn't train, I promise!

I did take it a bit easier for about 3 days though, and the result was that the association times for some of my numbers went up up up ... I just can't afford breaks at this stage, it seems. I need to make sure I drill through all my number system at least every other day (usually takes around 20 minutes) ... and at the same time I need to keep learning my cards.

I've done quite a few quick cards runs on memocamp, doing the visualization for each pair but no linking between objects and loci. I got to 45-50s per deck now. Which means that even with "easy" images, I'm probably not in a good enough shape to get close to 60s on a real run with actual memorization. That being said, I'm now stable under 2 minutes and broke my 2-week old PB with a 1:37 tonight.

I also finally attempted a "proper" 30-minute binary event. Landed on 1548 digits. Almost twice my current french record :) And room for improvement as most of the recall was really easy.

For the next few weeks, as mentioned, quite a bit of drilling:
- through the 1000 images with actual visualization
- focus on the trickiest images (and try to add details to them)
- visualization runs on 300 numbers as fast as possible
- going through all cards images (using Anki, finally started using it!!!)
- visualization runs on one deck as fast as possible

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