Tea Party Guests Event

This script is for training for the Three Strikes You're Out event at the USA Memory Championship. It's also known as the "Tea Party Guests" event. Also check out our other memory training scripts.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information below is randomly generated and fictitious, and is created for educational purposes only.

Gender: Male
Name: Rupert Deshawn Harrison
Date of Birth: October 18, 1983
Residence: Charleston, WV 25375
Telephone: 447-9524
Pet: gold hamster named April
Hobbies: College Football, Skiing, Auto Audiophilia
Car: 1978 Red Gm Trailblazer 4wd
Foods: Cake, Chicken soft tacos, and Toffee
Gender: Male
Name: Ken Isaiah Powers
Date of Birth: September 1, 1976
Residence: Ocala, FL 34471
Telephone: 689-6723
Pet: white duck named Jacklyn
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Trainspotting, Audiophilia
Car: 1947 Mauve Spyker C8 Spyder
Foods: PB&J, Garlicky pickles, and Kringle
Gender: Female
Name: Gail Shanelle Rojas
Date of Birth: May 27, 1963
Residence: Booth, AL 36008
Telephone: 591-1025
Pet: orange chipmunk named Rusty
Hobbies: Slot Car Racing, Vintage Books, Mountain Biking
Car: 1999 Green Ford Five Hundred Fwd
Foods: Miso soup, Pickled eggs, and Bananas
Gender: Female
Name: Rachell Sparkle Booker
Date of Birth: September 27, 1971
Residence: Midway, KY 40347
Telephone: 857-5097
Pet: tan bearded dragon named Roderick
Hobbies: Camping, Tai Chi, Skiing
Car: 1920 Natural Nissan Xterra 2wd
Foods: Homemade fudge, Pinto beans, and Strawberries
Gender: Female
Name: Lynnette Kasey Sheppard
Date of Birth: July 30, 1912
Residence: Ohatchee, AL 36271
Telephone: 192-4997
Pet: pink cat named Cesar
Hobbies: Meteorology, Baking, Amateur Geology
Car: 1992 Orange Mercedes Benz Ml500
Foods: Corn bread, Asparagus, and Chicken
Gender: Male
Name: Herbert Graham Brewer
Date of Birth: October 24, 1988
Residence: Benge, WA 99105
Telephone: 880-0830
Pet: silver tortoise named Richelle
Hobbies: Mineral Collecting, Backpacking, Kayaking
Car: 1994 Tan Nissan Qx56 4wd
Foods: Turkey, Sushi, and Steak